Laguna Torre, Patagonia, Argentina

Our first full day in Chalten was incredible and really set the tone for our time there.  Our hosts at the Aires del Fitz warned us of some severe winds coming through the area and suggested we stay off the exposed Laguna de los Tres path and opt for Laguna Torre instead.  Only having heard legends of the tough climb to Los Tres, we figured we were trading one 20km day for another and gladly agreed.  After a meager breakfast of dessert waffles and a strange omelette, we loaded up with ham sandwiches (unofficial food of Argentine Trekking) and set out for the lake.  After a brief climb out of the town and descent into the Rio Fitz Roy valley, we found our pace and settled in to the amazing colors and sounds of the environment.  The views did not disappoint and we were in awe for most of the walk just watching these dramatic peaks inch closer.  The wind warnings were well warranted as gusts gained intensity as the day went on.  By the time we climbed back out of the valley and returned to town, we were experiencing 100km/hr gusts and having to stop and shield our faces from dirt in the air.  We made it to the market to buy some regular breakfast food to make in our cabin and more jamon para sandwiches for the big hike to Los Tres.